AAUW promotes opportunities for women | Lifestyle

Exploring Opportunities for Women and Girls is the theme for the Oct. 18 meeting of American Association of University Women – Tehachapi Mountain Branch. Keynote speaker is Sara Novinger who will highlight many educational opportunities leading to careers for women. She is marketing specialist for Career Technical Education for Cerro Coso College.

Saya Novinger grew up living in seven different countries because her father, George “Tom” Novinger, was a diplomat in foreign service, and his career required frequent moves. Saya learned a different language in each location but claims she only speaks two languages fluently. She is a talented musician who plays several instruments, sing, and writes music. Her wide range of experiences and education will inspire all women.

Also featured will be two girls who attended AAUW’s Tech Trek, a week-long math and science camp held each summer. Adi Sanchez-Welker and Quinn Scott will talk about their experiences at University of California, Santa Barbara. It is an opportunity to hear firsthand about Tech Trek, which Tehachapi Mountain Branch has supported for many years.

The meeting will be held Wednesday, Oct. 18, at 4 p.m. at Tehachapi Community Church’s Friendship Hall at 100 E. E St. Members, friends and anyone interested in learning about opportunities for women is invited to attend the meeting. It is an opportunity for high school girls to learn what is available to them as they contemplate their future plans.

Call 822-4340 for further information or go to tehachapimountain-ca.aauw.net/.

Phyllis Belcher is a member of AAUW.