Benefits of Mavilai!

Mango is native to India. Its leaf, flower. Pinju, pod, fruit, seed bark, root, resin are all used as medicine. Chamomile is an excellent antiseptic. If anyone visiting the house has any respiratory-related illnesses, the mist has the ability to prevent it from spreading to others.

If you fry kolundu leaves, mix them with honey and soak them in drinking water and drink that water, you will get rid of hoarseness, sore throat etc.

People with diabetes can take 2 teaspoons of mango kolundu leaves and dry them and mix them with water every morning and evening to control diabetes. Burning mango leaves to ashes and applying butter to burn victims will heal the burns quickly.

If you dry the mango in the shade and grind it and boil it and drink it as drinking water, you will get rid of diarrhoea, flatulence etc. If you take the young leaves and remove the stems and dry them, soak them in salt water and dry them in the sun and eat them along with food to improve digestion. Vomiting and nausea will go away. If you drink mambatta water, you will not get any skin related diseases.

Mango root bark cures peptic ulcer bleeding etc. Applying Mampicin on the area of ​​leg gallstones cures gallstones. Mangoes are rich in vitamins. If you eat it in moderation when it is available, you can get the best benefits.

If mango dal is dried and powdered and taken as a decoction and consumed during menstruation, excess shedding will be controlled. Whitening is cured. Stomach worms get rid of and stomach ulcer heals. Cure indigestion and diarrhea. If you take 1 spoon of mango powder and mix it with honey, skin irritation will get rid of it.

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