Cancer virus that attacks women!

Cancer virus affects women more than men. Especially in western countries it affects young children and in our country the middle-aged and elderly. Dr. Anita Ramesh, an oncologist at Savita Medical College and Hospital, has set up a voluntary organization called Freedom from Cancer Relief and Research Foundation to create awareness about cancer. 

He said about the cancer virus that attacks our body… “Bacteria is a microorganism, virus is a toxin. Microorganisms can do both good and bad. But, the virus only evolved for worse. It is not an ordinary germ either, the goal of the virus is to kill the victim. There is no discrimination between humans and animals. Human-to-human transmission The atrocity of the virus as it passed from animals to humans is indescribable. 

These bacteria and viruses are microscopic organisms in the air that are invisible to our eyes. When they spread, they cause harmful changes in the blood cells in the body. A few viruses can completely destroy genes and have very deadly effects. 

Bacterial infections can usually be treated medically. It doesn’t work on viruses. Medical research is done to kill each virus after it is formed and medicine is developed. The current corona virus is of the same type, and while the death toll has increased, a cure has yet to be found. Blue, AIDS, HIV, etc. are good examples of viruses. 

These viruses constantly erode and destroy the immune cells in our body. The job of the virus is to immediately take over any new cells in the blood that start to sprout. The virus is controlled by drugs, radiation therapy, etc. However, the person infected with the virus in the initial stage is completely cured. 

Medical treatments are ineffective if the virus is infected. In general, direct attack of viral genomes, multiplying viral cells in response to genes, and injecting cells taken from other cells into someone else’s cells causes damage in three ways. 

The virus is the cause of various cancers. Epstembar, hepatitis-B, hepatitis-C, hepatitis-8, causes damage to various parts of the human body like skin, neck, head, mouth, throat, lungs, intestines, uterus. Each of these cancer viruses requires different types of medical treatment. Usually they start their invasion in blood vessels and glands. From there it attacks the ‘B’ cells of the body. 

This increases the risk of infection. This is how cancer develops in the body. Due to this, people with weak immunity are severely affected. Therefore, protein that boosts the immune system; (Proton); They are paid as medicine. Colon or gastric cancer in general is prevalent in the world. 

It is most common in sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. In total, 400 million people worldwide are affected. The virus is spread through blood, sweat or tears. There is also a possibility of mother-to-child infection and sexual transmission. It hits the stomach and gets mixed in the blood little by little from there. After six months the effect will be visible. 

The same goes for Hepatitis-C. Seventeen million people are affected by this virus in countries like Africa and Southeast Asia. Next is a type of skin cancer. It is caused by blood disorders. 1 to 5 percent in Northern Europe, 5 to 20 percent in Mediterranean countries, 60 percent in the African subcontinent, and 40 percent in the Americas. 

This type of virus is spread through homosexuality, sexual contact and saliva. In addition, this type of infection occurs with donated body organs and whole blood transfusions. Especially in Western countries, women between the ages of fourteen and fifty-nine have a high incidence of cancer.

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