Pistachios that reduce fat!

* Pistachios contain nutrients like vitamin A and E which protect the blood vessels. * Increases hemoglobin in the blood and provides oxygen to the cells.

* Vitamin B6 in pistachio nuts is essential for the production of white blood cells.

* Provides oxygen to the cells, produces white and red blood cells and also plays an important role in maintaining the spleen and lymph.

* Vitamin B6 in this contains oxygen in the bloodstream. It not only brings it to the cells but also increases the oxygen level. 

*Both men and women soak pistachio nuts in warm milk and eat them every evening to improve memory.*Vitamin E in it prevents the skin from being damaged by ultraviolet rays and skin cancer. 

* zeaxanthin, lutein, in pistachios Carotenoids protect the retina of the eye. 

* Eating pistachios reduces bad LDL cholesterol in the body. 

* One cup of pistachios; Contains 60 percent of the mineral, phosphorus.

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