Cataracts… some doubts!

Some other questions may also arise…’Our grandfather lived to the age of 90. His eyes were clear until the end. Why didn’t you do the operation?’ ‘My husband is 10 years older than me. He can see well without wearing glasses, why should I have an operation before then?’ Before answering these questions, we need to understand the workings of the lens. 

The lens of the eye is very important for vision. The lens plays a vital role in focusing the light rays onto the retina. In terms of physical structure, the lens is relatively light penetrating. This characteristic is due to the pump-like chemical structure and structure of the lens proteins that act on it. Damage to these systems can cause cataracts. There are many causes of cataracts in the eyes. 

Changes due to aging are the primary factor. Such changes can be said to be universal for everyone in the world. That’s why everyone needs to go beyond the eyelids. Each person’s constitution, environmental conditions, and other physical problems may vary due to which the period required for breast surgery may vary. The cells in the lens lose strength due to aging. Also due to chemical changes due to aging (Aging) the light transmission decreases. Both of these are major causes of cataracts. This causes a white frosty appearance on the glassy lens. 

Age-related cataracts develop slowly. If there are problems like diabetes, nutritional deficiency, kidney failure, the growth of cataracts will be accelerated. Cataract development is also known to be genetic. Studies have found that age at onset of lens change, progressive loss of vision, and time to surgery are similar in families. 

Therefore, genetic factors are considered to be very important. Correlations with the onset of cataracts have also been found during periods of dehydration such as cholera and diarrhoea. It has also been confirmed that the development of cataracts starts at a young age in people who smoke. The vision impairment caused by early cataracts can be partially corrected with glasses. 

If the cataract is located in the center of the lens or if the patient does delicate work such as weaving, jewelry work, and can read and write a lot, it is difficult to cope with glasses. The sooner the surgery the better. Apart from aging, trauma is the main cause of cataracts. Injury causes damage to the ligaments of the lens. Cataracts are caused mainly by aqueous humor entering the lens. Bruises from wounds develop very quickly and require immediate surgery. 

If cataracts have already started mildly due to old age, injuries can lead to full-blown cataracts. Cataracts can also occur due to ulcers in the eyes, hereditary problems like cataracts, and eye pressure. Cataracts develop more rapidly in those who take high doses of steroids at a young age. Some diseases require continuous steroid medication. Such patients should have frequent eye examinations. 

Rheumatoid drugs, not just steroids, Insecticides, radiation, electric shock, and radiotherapy can also cause cataracts in the lens of the eye. Surgery is the only permanent solution to cure cataracts. Can we see outside through a closed window, through a screened door? Similarly, the eyeball that directly covers the eyeball cannot be seen clearly without its complete removal. 

Therefore, clear vision can only be achieved by removing the affected lens and implanting an artificial lens. Just as it is important to perform cataract surgery without delay, it is also important to perform surgery when all the preparations for eye surgery are correct. Do not perform emergency surgery. Diabetes patients need to keep their sugar under control. 

A postprandial blood sample of 200 milligrams (200mg/dl) is ideal. People with high blood pressure should also keep their blood pressure under control. There should be no germ infection in the organs like ear, nose, throat and teeth. If there is an abscess, after removing it and root canal treatment, preparations for eye surgery should be started. 

If a person is bedridden and unable to walk, and a cataract is diagnosed, immediate surgery is not required. He should explore the possibilities of recovery and plan accordingly. It is very important to avoid eye drops and heavy lifting after surgery. So the eye surgeries can be done when the family has time off. Since April and May are vacations for schools and colleges, many adults prefer to undergo cataract surgery during that period. 

It is better for people who have constant cough, sneezing, vomiting, constipation etc. to correct such defects and get rid of surgery. If there is an infection in the cyst near the eyes, if there is any eye pressure disease or retinal defects in the eyes, then eye surgery should be planned after finding and correcting them. Modern medicine has come up with many treatment methods. 

Cataract surgeries are performed as daycare treatments that go in the morning and return home in the evening. We will see information about modern cataract surgeries in the next issue.

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