Sudden stroke… What a solution!

We have heard many people say, ‘You were fine… suddenly you pulled your arm and leg to one side… you went to the hospital and said it was a stroke..’ Even in movies, we have seen actors pretending to be paralyzed, speechless, and unable to speak properly. But most of us

don’t know why a stroke occurs, how it occurs, what to do if it occurs, and what is the role of conventional medicine in stroke. It will be replaced. That too in today’s technological world, there are people who suffer and die from stroke next to those who die from heart attacks, so it is very important for each of us to be fully aware of this stroke.

Blood flow is necessary! Just as the heart needs blood flow for our daily functioning, so does the brain. First of all, we must understand that if there is any obstruction in the blood flow to the heart, such as a heart attack, if there is a problem in the blood flow to the brain, a stroke will occur.

That is, if there is not enough oxygen and blood flow to the brain, the brain cells will start to fail. In any part of the brain, the function of the cells will be affected. For example, if the part where we speak is affected, we will have difficulties in speaking.

Therefore, each part has different functions. Symptoms vary accordingly. But most of the people are unable to speak due to certain brain area failure. We call it stroke because it is caused by not being able to walk. One woman for every seven men! Statistics show that an average of 30 to 50 million people have suffered a stroke in the past decade. It is also outnumbered by males (one female for every seven males). 

People above the age of 70 are especially affected. However, it is important to note that many people are affected from the age of 30.

what is the reason? * Blood vessels leading to the brain burst and bleed. * Clogged blood vessels (mostly due to fatty deposits). 

Risk Factors! *Not getting enough sleep.*Continuous use of birth control pills without doctor’s prescription.*Alcoholism.*Smoking.*Obesity.*Continuous stress.*High blood pressure.*Diabetes (diabetes).*Lack of exercise.*Body fat levels. Increasing. *A lifestyle without excessive physical exertion. 

What are the symptoms? As immediate symptoms…*severe sudden headache*dizziness*weakness of arm and leg on one side*inability to make body movements on the affected side*unable to walk properly*unable to speak*some lose control of urination*some still have numbness in arm and leg To diagnose…*CT, MRI Through scans, we can find out which part is affected and what is the cause. 

What to do? Immediately…*When the symptoms are known, they should be taken to the nearest big hospital.* Because, once the blood flow starts to be blocked, the brain cells start to fail rapidly. Because of this, the number of brain cells will be affected, so the damage will be more. 

In conventional medicine…*Only regular medical treatment is necessary for the victim to fully return to normal.*By doing exercises daily, the muscles will get stronger and the arms and legs will get stronger.*The victim should follow the doctor’s advice as there is a chance of the stroke returning.*Generally, nervous system diseases take time to heal completely. . Same with stroke. Depending on which area is affected and how much it is affected, the healing time may vary. It may take a few months to a year to be able to walk and do things on your own completely unaided. 

As a precaution…*Taking more fruits and vegetables*Avoid alcohol and smoking*Exercise at least 45 minutes daily*Full physical examination once a year for people over 50 years of age.*Always keep blood pressure, diabetes etc. under control. Get to the hospital as soon as possible. Then, if you do regular exercises with the doctor’s advice, you can get rid of stroke little by little.

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