Medicinal use of food items that we use everyday

It is said in Siddha medicine notes that we can prepare medicines for some diseases in a simple way from the things we use every day. Its details are as follows:-

* Curry leaves, ginger and cumin should be boiled in water and cooled. If you filter and drink that water, you will get relief from indigestion.

* Pepper is a remedy for indigestion, diarrhoea, constipation, stomach ache etc. These can be avoided by including chillies in the diet.

* Eating pepper causes hydrochloric acid to be secreted in the stomach. It corrects stomach problems. But people with peptic ulcer should not add too much pepper.

* Fenugreek can control diarrhoea. Roast some fenugreek, grind it with anise and salt and mix it with buttermilk to stop diarrhoea. Also soak and grind fenugreek and apply it on the face to reduce pimples.

* Soaking poppy seed well and grinding it and drinking it mixed with buttermilk cures sithabedi. * People suffering from diabetes should include cantaloupe and bitter gourd in their diet often. Avoid wearing tight shoes.

* If you eat novel fruit often, diabetes will be controlled. Eating a handful of novel fruits daily will cure urinary tract infection. Novel fruit contains chemicals that can destroy bacteria found in the urinary tract.

* Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. By eating a small amount of almonds daily, the skin, hair and nails will be shiny.

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