What is the solution to the pain?

There are many causes of back pain. Some people experience back pain when they wake up. It will continue throughout the day. This is due to the use of correct height, shapeless pillows and light mattresses. Back pain can be avoided by using firm, firm mattresses. Also, they should be replaced at regular intervals.

Back pain can also occur due to flatulence and constipation. At that time, put cumin seeds in hot water and drink it to cure indigestion. Also, if you eat fibrous foods like bananas and pass stool properly, the back pain caused by flatulence will be cured. Kidneys are located near the spine. So, if you have pain while urinating and difficulty urinating, it may be due to kidney stones.

So, if you visit the doctor immediately and take proper treatment, the damage can be cured. Back pain can also occur due to muscle spasms in the hamstrings. Walking with feet wide apart, standing for long periods of time, and traveling long distances can cause hamstring muscles to seize up. In such an environment, sitting on the floor with one leg and stretching the other leg on the chair will relieve back pain and relieve muscle spasms. In addition, even if you give exercise with a bag filled with hot water, the pain will decrease.

The simplest and primary treatment for back pain is rest. Continuous work without rest can cause back pain. If you take complete rest without doing any work for a day, the back pain will get better. Currently, working from home on the computer is increasing. People who work like that should not work sitting on sofa or bed, but should work sitting in proper position like in office.

What is the solution to the pain?

Here are some simple exercises to do at home

* Stand with your back against the wall for a few minutes.

* Do this for about five minutes as if pressing the back wall well.

* Legs can be folded and stretched well.

* Lying on the floor next to the bed and keeping both legs perpendicular to the bed for a few minutes can reduce back pain.

* People suffering from back pain can wear a waist belt.

* People who go out frequently in vehicles, even if they don’t have back pain, it is better to wear a waist belt.

* When traveling for a long distance, it is better to stretch at the traffic signal, leaning forward and backward with your hands on your hips.

Avoidance methods

* People with back pain should avoid bending frequently.

* Necessary items should be kept near them in high places.

* You can bathe in the shower or bathe with a bucket on a slightly elevated stool.

* You can also use pain relievers like coconut oil and pinta balm.

* Those who travel frequently on two-wheelers should use vehicles with larger wheels rather than vehicles with smaller wheels.

* It is advisable to have the vehicle’s shock absorber checked by a mechanic from time to time.

* It is better to get up slightly from the seat instead of sitting still when the vehicle gets up from the bumpy area. This will prevent all the pressure from going to the back.

* In case of back pain, if you know that there is pain, you should take rest immediately. Don’t keep running. If it does not get better even after rest, you should immediately take treatment for it.”

How to sleep?

People with back pain should avoid sleeping on their backs. Whatever the shape of the baby in the womb, one should lean to one side and sleep with both the legs close to the abdomen and upwards. It is good for everyone to sleep like this, not just those with back pain. Similarly, while sitting and walking, one should walk upright and not slouched forward.

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